John Moodie

It is now over 30 years since John Moodie; Director of Echelon Events delivered his very first workshop.

Since that time he has developed, delivered and/or facilitated literally thousands of seminars and workshops. He has delivered hundreds of keynote presentations; frequently with an audience size of over 200, however he has and will work with groups ranging from 1 to 8000!

John has been self-employed for over 25 years, having started his first successful business at 26 years of age. There he specifically handled all Management, recruitment, sales and training. This business became a multi million-dollar organisation. In this time he became a sought after speaker for the industry and regularly travelled Australia delivering workshops and seminars to business groups.

Looking for a change he became a Senior Advisor to the Small Business Development Corporation. In this role for some 10 years he advised thousands of business owners and developed numerous workshops on topics such as Marketing, Business Planning, Understanding Financials etc. He then delivered these workshops to over 4000 business owners. He was also responsible for organising, running and being MC for over 100 large seminars (500-800 attendees) with prominent identities as guest speakers.

John established Echelon Events 10 years ago. His ideas and concepts on leadership and how to create change, along with building a dynamic customer focussed culture in your organisation will excite you. More importantly John will work with you to turn your vision into reality. A reality of handling people challenges, building successful teams and inspiring people to peak performance.

John’s ability to focus on practical strategies comes, not from theory or untried concepts, but from years of achieving sensational results in his own enterprises. These practical strategies are proven to not only dramatically improve your bottom line but to help you to be a leader in your own field.

You can be sure that each of John’s discussions and presentations will focus around the real life solutions and strategies that allowed him to successfully lead a team of over 1000.

He gets excited about helping you to create the best culture for your organisation.
John uses a variety of presentation, workshop and educational formats that are proven to be stimulating and effective. They are interactive and provide a dynamic,
fun and conducive environment for adult learning to take place. Activities encourage participation keeping the program interesting and involving in an atmosphere of fun.
Thought provoking and never dull, he is happiest when stimulating, challenging or even persuading people to achieve their personal best.

Other Roles and Activities

Business Advisor Network – Director

The Business Advisor Network brings together over 100 independently accredited advisors, coaches and mentors.  All have extensive senior-management experience in private and/or public enterprise businesses, so they know what it’s like ‘at the coal face’.  All have achieved success in their own careers and businesses. We run workshops and seminars on a national basis, provide referrals to the specialists and have an extensive range of business tools.
Professional Memberships
Associate of the Australian Institute of Learning Professionals
Accredited Queensland State Government Business Consultant

John currently works in five specialist areas, namely:
Workshops, Keynotes, Facilitation, Business Re-Engineering and Mentoring.

Workshops/Key Skill Areas include:

  • Persuasive Communication, It’s a lot more than words!
  • Creating Compelling Goals, for your Business and your Life
  • Creating a Customer Focus Obsession in your Business!
  • Leadership, Achieve Extraordinary Results with Ordinary People!
  • Skills for Negotiating with Challenging People!
  • Creating the Best Culture for your Business

Facilitation Clients include:

  • Commonwealth Government Departments
  • Private Schools
  • Local Governments
  • Local Govt Association
  • Several Associations
  • Law Firms
  • Accountants

Business Re-Engineering and Mentoring

John has written numerous articles for Training Programs and e-zines.
His project work includes developing diagnostics and systems for business interventions where he and colleagues have the capacity to totally re engineer a firm.