Dr. John Cokley, Ph.D.

Additional Information

Dr. John Cokley Ph.D. is a  nationally-accredited business trainer who has owned and successfully  operated small businesses in Australia since 1982. John’s businesses  have included a publishing company, wedding photography and a bookshop.

He has led innovation-award winning teams in new product development  since 2001 and researched business strategies in the UK, the US, and  Asia. He also brings senior experience in large organisations such as  universities and media publishers, has delivered seminars around the  world – including in the United States, Wales, Ireland, France, China,  Fiji, New Zealand, Malaysia, India, Indonesia and Iran – and published  the revolutionary business success book Shopping News in 2015.

John’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Business (QUT), a  Graduate Certificate in Education (JCU), Certificate IV in Training and  Assessment, and a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D. from Griffith University).  He is current with all new marketing, financial and leadership  strategies as he is also completing a Master of Business Administration  (MBA) at Griffith University.