We can always learn from the past, especially past mistakes (or learnings) and one thing is always old but true, change is inevitable.

The past has shown us that where old businesses were needed and people were needed and where customer service was paramount when communications were in pre-set times that it seemed you had more time to yourself. In today’s world, time and risk are paramount, where we are reliant on our hand held devices 24/7 for office and marketing functions at the same time, this has sped up our outputs. We are in the now generation (not just our kids) where information is available in real time and can be actioned in real time and is expected in quick and real time with less words and more action.

Communication changes are seen on social media networks, digital platforms, emailing, researching, and collecting data and customer insights, where we always need to be on top of it all. All of these functions available on such a small device helps us to work an efficient business model, but at the same time we forego our freedom from work and business. We become a very lean business machine where we always have to be mindful that it does not take control of our lives.

These new technologies however, have created an abundance of new types of jobs and new ways of communicating and getting the message out through influencing, direct selling, retargeting, and networking and other means. We are also finding it now opens up a whole new way of working anywhere and anytime in the world. This opens up opportunities in expanding your business, your product or idea into the global marketplace.

We are finding in this new age, that there is a lot more multimillionaires at such a young age. The youth of today, were incubated in technology and their minds are almost limitless in the technological sense. By combining the youth of today and their brilliance and the brilliance of the older generations, those who embrace this combination within the team can experience greater success. I have personally extensively travelled and experienced the global marketplace and noticed the differences in ways of doing things as well as advancements and cultural differences. This allows me to bring this knowledge and experience into the Australian business world to open up new opportunities from a different perspective.

There is one thing for sure, globalisation is travelling at different speeds everywhere and we cannot pinpoint these changes as easily before they happen. The best we can do is keep an open mind and always research and prepare for the next change and build strong teams with a diverse knowledge base to grow the business and grow with the business in this changing world.